26 SEPT 2016

Advanced HVAC equipment helps dealers take more control

If you’re in the HVAC business, there are times when the work day can feel as out of control as the changing weather. As demands from inside and outside of your dealership increase, it can be hard to keep pace. If a customer’s needs aren’t met, your reputation is at stake, and so is the sale.
One way you can take more control of customer interactions is to offer customers more. Selling high-performance HVAC equipment allows you to do just that because it puts you in a position to exceed customer expectations. With the right equipment, you can give customers more control over their environment, and give them the ability to control it from anywhere. Some communicating HVAC systems come with an app that allows your customers to adjust system settings with a smartphone or mobile device.
High performance often means high efficiency. Because variable-capacity and variable-efficiency equipment fine-tune heating and cooling output based on demand, they keep utility bills at a minimum. Your customers can see energy savings every month, and they can potentially see a return on their investment in the form of tax credits, utility rebates and other incentives.